Supporting Ken Dawson

Eighteen months ago Ken Dawson had scheduled to have his compressed lower vertebrae cleaned out as it was causing major back problems. He was advised by his doctors at the time that he had major heart complications and had to undergo five heart bypass surgeries. Ken is now on the mend and counts his blessings on the detection and life saving surgery.

Due to ongoing back problems and after getting the all clear with his heart, Ken finally had his back surgery now to relive the compression to his lower spine.

Ken played for the Eastern Suburbs club from 1956-1959, where he played alongside the one of the greatest coaches in the game Jack Gibson before joining the “Berries” club now known as the Bulldogs. Ken played four season at the Canterbury club.

On Thursday 18 April, Ken was visited by his former team mates Clive Gartner, Leo Toohey and Jim Hall, accompanied by East and Parramatta legend John “Bomber” Peard. The visit was appreciated by Ken and his wife Margaret as they shared rugby league yarns and characters in the game and laughter. Men of League wishes Ken a speedy recovery. By Velu Nuumaalii

Ken Dawson

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