An insightful presentation for our Central Highlands Committee

The Central Highlands committee welcomed New South Welshman Luke Kennedy to the Emerald Irish Village where he delivered a moving session with a focus on positive mental health and wellness.

Luke is the author of “Stabbed Ego – A Thug’s Journey to Enlightenment”, a best seller in the Mental Health/Depression genre.  The presentation was attended by more than 35 eager participants who were engaged by Luke’s journey from gang leader to the personification of true happiness.

There were many great messages and tips to improve the mental health and wellness of each participant.  The diversity of the attendees was amazing; there were 16 year old rugby league players, coaches, current and former first grade players and many others who have volunteered in some capacity.

Following the session we were able to invite some local mental health service providers to speak to the audience providing a local context and point of contact. This was the first in a series of Wellbeing sessions our committee hopes to offer the Central Highlands into the future.

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