Graeme “Billy” Dixon – As tough as they come from Bingara

Graeme “Billy” Dixon was involved in a serious trucking accident on the 13 December 2014 in the Northern Territory and was urgently airlifted to the Royal North Shore Hospital Burns Unit on the 14 December 2014 for immediate surgery and extensive treatment for burns to 75% of his body.

When Northern Sydney Welfare Officers Norm Pounder and Ken Vessey visited Graeme on the 10 April 2015, he showed great courage and determination considering the injuries he had suffered and he certainly gained our admiration. The Dixon Family have had a long connection and are well respected in the township of Bingara (150 kms north of Tamworth) where Graeme had played rugby league since he was 4 years old with the Bingara Bullets and Inverell Hawks. Graeme captained the 1987 Matthew Shield North West Representative Team before he retired at 22 years old.
During their visit Norm and Ken had the pleasure to meet Graeme’s Mum Marilyn, Dad Graeme, sister Bez (he has 2 other sisters), nieces Sarah, Sophie and Katie and long time friend Richard Reading. It was obvious their love and support for Graeme had played a vital role in his recovery to date. Graeme and his family could not heap enough praise on the RNS Hospital Staff for their care and attention to him during his treatment and recovery.
As you can imagine the talk was all about favourite NRL teams with everyone, except Graeme and Richard (both one eyed St. George fans) and Norm (Sea Eagles), following the South Sydney Rabbitohs.
Graeme was presented with a Men of League polo shirt and cap in recognition for his courage and support of rugby league and we wished him a continued and speedy recovery. Graeme was most appreciative of our visit and gifts and wished the Men of League continued success.
Graeme will be transferred in the future to the Royal Rehab Unit in Putney where we will see him on our regular welfare visits to there.

Ken Vessey

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