Giving back to John Dunlea after 57 years of service to the game

John Dunlea (member #6393) is still involved in rugby league today and has been continually since 1960 when he commenced playing for West Ryde-Dundas at the age of 16. He played for them for five years then played for Northern Districts for a further eight years then went on to being a selector.

He served on the committee for Balmain Junior League for seven years as a register and on the judiciary. John then coached junior sides with West Ryde Denistone before joining the committee of the Ryde Eastwood District Rugby League Football Club where today he holds the position of Vice President.

In John’s 57-year continual service to rugby league, he has been awarded Life Membership of Balmain Junior League, Ryde Eastwood District Football Club and Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club where is currently serves as a Director.

John has just spent a six-month stay in hospital, during which time he had part of his leg amputated and now struggles with mobility. Our National Wellbeing Manager, Ben Ross had the opportunity to go to St. Marys with Penrith’s Wellbeing Officer Lucy to give some relieving news to John and wife Maureen.

The Men of League Foundation were able to assist in their time of need. Stay tuned find out how we’ve helped them.

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