Gary heads back to his shed after a long recovery

After a slow start because of a knee problem, Gary Smith is well and truly into his rehabilitation after having his leg amputated about 2 years ago. Gary was unable to support his weight on his good leg because of the knee problem, so spent much of his time in a wheelchair.

He had an operation to replace the troublesome knee and is now finding a new lease of life with his prosthetic leg and the use of crutches to assist with his daily activities.

Gary Smith

Steve (Pud) Kiernan catches up with his good mate Gary Smith (right).

Gary is a plumber by trade and always been a hands-on person so it was no surprise to his friends and family that instead of sitting around the house, he took to his shed and started making furniture from recycled timber. He is keeping himself busy. Being more mobile and independent, he is enjoying being able to get out more and socialise with friends.

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