Dave Miles – A true hero

Since a recent visit in early December 2017 to see Dave at his home, we received advice that he at long last had been admitted to the Royal North Shore Public Hospital for an operation on an ulcer/muscle issues on his upper rear right leg. Northern Sydney Wellbeing Officers Norm Pounder and Ken Vessey have always been amazed by Dave’s courage and strength on their past visits to see him.

When Norm and Ken visited him, a few days after his operation, those ever-present qualities came shining through as he lay stationary on one side of his body and thanked us for coming in to see him. We had the added pleasure to meet his lovely mother, Maureen who gives her son tremendous support.

Whilst it was early days, Dave stated his doctors were confident that the operation was successful and he expects to be in there for about 6 weeks. We presented Dave with a Men of League Foundation Christmas Gift in the form of $50 worth of shopping vouchers and wished him a Merry Christmas and a speedy recovery.

By Ken Vessey

Wellbeing Coordinator Northern Sydney Committee

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