Dave Miles – A man to be admired

It is always a pleasure to visit Big Dave at his Brookvale unit and it was the same when Northern Sydney Wellbeing Officers Norm Pounder and Ken Vessey recently visited him.

Dave has had quadriplegia since a scrum collapsed on him in his hooker position for Valley United JRL Club in 1990, resulting in a broken neck. He is absolutely amazing with his outlook on life and the manner in which he faces any problems that present themselves.

He has been receiving treatment for the last 12 months for an ulcer on his leg, which will not heal completely. He has had to be in bed for the last 12 months and only recently has been able to only be in bed for three days and out for four days.

Dave is currently on a shortlist to be admitted to the Royal North Shore Hospital Spinal Unit for an operation. He expects to be in there for four to six weeks and, naturally, is hoping for success, as is everyone from the Foundation.

Dave is well supported by his mum, family members and his life long friends, who take him out regularly for a few beers and laughs. We will remain in contact with Dave and, at an appropriate time, will visit him in hospital.

As always, he was thankful for us popping in to see him but really, we were the thankful ones for having the chance to interact with such an inspiring individual.

By Ken Vessey

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