Cyril Peel visit

On Thursday 8 January 2015 Men of League Member Cyril Peel was visited at Prince of Wales Hospital Randwick by Sydney Metro Welfare Officers Warren Thompson and Alan Webb, together with John Peard and Sydney Metro branch President Henry Morris.

Cyril is recovering from Heart Surgery and had a minor setback with an infection, however is now well on the road to recovery.
Cyril was a South Sydney Junior from the Botany United Club and played grade with the Sydney Roosters (Eastern Suburbs as it was known at the time).

For those that know Cyril he loves a chat and both Peardy and Henry asked the other patients in the ward if they required ear muffs. Cyril and Peardy kept us all entertained including the other patients of the ward, unfortunately the majority of the yarns cannot be repeated.

Peardy commented that if Cyril was a horse he would put a tongue tie on him.

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