Charli Berghauser Update

Queensland Wellbeing Manager Mark Bunting and Brisbane Committee wellbeing officer Chris Kelly recently visited Charli Berghauser and her mum, Kas, in their home town of Jimboomba.

Charli has returned home from Sydney after an operation to remove a Pineal Tumour in her brain. The Foundation was able to assist the family with the shortfall so that Charli could travel to Sydney for the operation.

The good news is that Charli has come home from the operation with most of her symptoms now gone. Kas said the first thing Charli noticed when she woke up was that her blurriness had gone and she was able to see clearly once more. Charli has no headaches since her return and her ability to concentrate has come back.

Charli will be returning to school in term 2 and hopes to be back playing footy with her team, the Jimboomba Thunder. Charli now has a chance to lead a normal life again – something that she may not have had the opportunity to do without the operation.

Kas expressed her sincere thanks to Warren and Henry from the Sydney Metro committee who were in communication with the family while they were in Sydney.

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