Cellar Dwellers

Cellar Dwellers

Even at this stage of the season, five teams are unlikely to make the Top 8. These clubs have had a poor start for one reason or another so let’s have a look at why this is.

Knights – Wooden spoon awaits a team that started with an inexperienced team from the start. Nathan Brown has struggled to get anything from his rookie roster.

Roosters – Dramas on and off the field haven’t helped the Minor premier’s from the past three years. From a number of guns released, Mitchell Pearce’s brain snap and injuries to key players, it’s been tough going at Bondi.

Tigers – Was always going to be a difficult season when the coach and captain don’t get on.

Manly – Tipped for top a four position, the team that had many new faces have struggled to gel, as well as many injuries stalling their season. Now match fixing allegations have put more pressure on them.

Warriors – With this roster they should be higher up. They just can’t seem to get it right over the ditch, although when they do click they can beat anyone. Unfortunately for the Kiwi supporters, they cannot do it consistently.

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