Brock heads back home for recovery

Brock Irwin was airlifted to the PA Hospital following a motor vehicle accident on 1 June 2017 with traumatic brain injury, facial fractures and collapsed lung and was in an induced coma for seven days in ICU. From the day Brock come out of the coma, his recovery has been amazing and much quicker than originally thought. He was in high dependency for two days and then transferred to the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit at the PA Hospital.

He has always been very active with lots of energy and his determination to get better as quick as possible was shown in his dedication with his rehab – he was super keen to get out and back to Roma. Five Weeks after his accident, Brock was discharged from the PA Hospital and returned home.

Brock will continue with physiotherapy, speech pathology and occupational therapy at the Roma Hospital. He still has blurry vision and a shoulder issue but this has not stopped him catching up and enjoying time with his mates in Roma.

Brock had played his first game of A-grade football with Wallumbilla-Surat Red Bulls on the Sunday prior to his accident and was looking forward to playing along side his brother Rhys the following weekend. For now, Brock is supporting the team from the sideline. Brock’s family is hoping that he will make a full recovery and he is keen to get back to work.

Brock’s family are very grateful to receive a donation from the Men of League Foundation to help ease the difficulties of receiving treatment in a rural area. All the best with your recovery Brock!

Men of League Foundation Queensland Wellbeing is proudly sponsored by BMD Group.

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