Brenton Bowen

The Melbourne Committee was recently made aware of the challenges that Brenton Bowen and his family were enduring as Brenton fights hard to overcome the a major health issue. Brenton, his wife Stevi and their two young children, were on holidays in Nelson Bay when they were advised that he was required to see the specialist on 16 January. Brenton received advice that an opportunity to use a radiation machine in Melbourne had become available but they needed to be in Melbourne ready to commence treatment on 23 February. He initially tried to have the procedure pushed back to try to be better prepared, however the medical advice was that he should take the opportunity to use the radiation machine now.
Being in another state for several weeks, away from home in rented accommodation and not earning an income (on top of a challenging medical condition) is an event that you just can’t plan for. Whilst the situation is not something we wish on any Rugby League person, the Men of League Melbourne Committee were there to support Brenton and his family during his treatment in Melbourne.

On his way back to home base, Brenton stopped in at AAMI Park, the home of The Melbourne Storm, where Greg Brentnall gave a personal tour of the facility. Thanks to Greg for arranging this for Brenton at short notice.

The Melbourne Committee wish Brenton and his family all the best.

By Jason Fiddes.
Social Welfare

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