Ben Beling – Cattle & Broncos

Three years ago Ben Beling was traveling to his in law’s place across Mt Mee tourist drive at 5 am in the morning to help dip cattle. He was always helping out.

His car crashed over a very steep part of the tourist drive. He broke his neck. The owner of the property where he crashed, thought he had heard a crash, travelled up to check it out at around 11am. Ben had been lying in his car for 5 hours when the farmer found him. Ben had no feeling below his chest.  

Approximately 18 months after the accident, his mother Jenny Weier sort contact with Southern Division Chairman of the Men of League Andrew O’Brien. Jenny knew Andrew through her brother John Weier who passed away in 1999 from cancer. John Weier was a Police Instructor at the Oxley Police Academy and he played for the Queensland Police sides in the late 70s, early 80s. John has also played for Brisbane Brothers under Wayne Bennett who was also a Police instructor at the Academy.

Unfortunately Ben’s wife was unable to cope and they parted company not long after the accident. They have a son Thomas 4. Jenny saw her son was struggling and needing a boost and that’s when she asked Men of League for help.

Andrew called on Ben. After Andrew’s visit, Ben enrolled in an agricultural course at the local university as he was very active in the cattle industry. Ben was still fairly reluctant to receive phone calls and visits but Andrew persisted and arranged for Shane Webcke to visit Ben recently.

Ben lit up with the visit. It was just the medicine to keep Ben motivated.  Shane was wonderful and as both had always been around cattle and they yakked for ages.

Ben won the 2004 Under 18 player of the year for the Gatton Hawks in the Toowoomba Rugby League Competition.

He has advised he will attend the Gatton Golf and lunch function on Friday the 21st August.

Keep your chin up Ben. We’re with you mate. 

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