Artwork templates

Men of League branding files

To help with consistency, we have created a range of templates and fonts that you can download and use to promote your local next event.

Style Guide

The Men of League style guide will set a standard for the design of all communication and collateral from the Foundation. The implementation of this style guide will provide uniformity in style and formatting, as well as consistency in copy-writing style, in all Men of League correspondence and across multiple documents and platforms.

Click here to download the Men of League Foundation Style Guide


Click here to download the Men of League Foundation Logo

Artwork templates

Use the links below to download The Men of League Foundation Templates. These templates are to be used to promote your Committee events.

A5 template.pdf
A4 template.pdf
A3 Template.pdf
A5 template.jpg
A4 template.jpg
A3 Template.jpg


Heading font – Copperplate Regular

Body font – Helvetica Regular/Roman

Alternative body font
If Helvetica Regular/Roman is not available on your computer please use Arial.

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