A Visit to John Bilbija

Last week, Western Sydney Committee Welfare Officers Noel Willick, Peter Moses and Garry O’Donnell visited John Bilbija in his Wakely home.
John is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s. He still looks very fit and speaks well but he has lost his business and driver’s license.
We were told by his friends that it was a waste of time making a visit as he wouldn’t be very receptive but he was great. His wife said before his illness set in, he had a different personally; blunt, rude and not much personality. But the last 12 months, he has changed to a much more placid man.
He opened up to us about the terror dreams he has suffered over the years about making holes in his bedroom walls. He thinks the dreams are from numerous head injuries he suffered over the years.
We have encouraged him to come to our monthly Men of League meetings at the Coolibah and we have invited him to be our guest at our Bowls Day in September.
I asked both John and his wife if they needed any immediate help. They said John is now on a sickness pension and they also have family to fall back on. We suggested that they let us know if they run into any problems in the future.
We left John with a polo shirt and cap. He was in great spirits when we left after our two hour stay.

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